It looks like Samsung fans looking to re-up with AT&T or open a new account are in for a hell of a deal next month. Word from one of our ninjas has the carrier kicking off a killer BOGO promotion on April 7th and it’s all about Sammy this time around. The news also solidifies a launch time frame for the sexy upcoming Samsung A877, which will be dubbed the Samsung Impression. We now know it will be on shelves by the 7th in time for this promo so we’re guessing it will be launched some time before or around CTIA. You know, to ensure early adopters pay full price. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Samsung A877 Impression – buy one for $199.99 get one free
  • Samsung Eternity – buy one for $129.99 get one free
  • Samsung A767 Propel – buy one for $49.99 get one free

We also imagine the new price on the Eternity (currently $149.99) will stick even after the promotion ends. Not bad AT&T, not bad at all.