Fresh off the bus to unlimitedsville, the Nokia 3606 has just been officially announced for Cricket. The small up and coming carrier doing battle with the likes of MetroPCS definitely has the goods when it comes to rates, with unlimited voice plans starting at $30 per month and unlimited everything plans starting at $50 per month. As is often the case with the ‘little guys’ however, Cricket is definitely lacking when it comes to handsets. We’re not sure the 3606 adds much value to the carrier’s line — sporting basic features such as a 1.3 megapixel camera with an LED flash, stereo Bluetooth, FM radio, microSDHC support and dedicated external multimedia keys — but at the very least it adds a bit of style to an otherwise hohum line up. For the time being the 3606 is the most expensive handset offered by Cricket, commanding a steep $179.99, but the price of entry is almost irrelevant when the carrier’s low-cost unlimited monthly plans are considered. As long as you live within Cricket’s coverage area and don’t move around much, the 3606 is definitely a fair option for the feature phone crowd.