That saucy little Motorola i9… It just can’t stop posing for your pals at BGR. If you’re a Boost Mobile customer you probably already know that the i9 has launched in all of its deceptively bulky glory, well, because it’s far and away the sexiest handset Boost has ever seen. What about poor Nextel customers though, don’t they get any love from Motorola’s new iDEN RAZR? Thanks to one of our trusty ninjas we can confirm that this puppy is indeed headed to Nextel — in fact, it’s already slowly but surely making its way to various Sprint stores. As far as availability goes, you’re looking at a March 12th launch and pricing will be $249.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate . Sit tight, PTT addicts! Hit the jump for a few more pics, including size comparison shots next to a Curve.

Thanks, Teck!

Updated at 5:30 pm EST to reflect price correction — the final price after rebate is $249.99, not $299.99.