The Shack might have missed out on the iPhone 3G but many will be happy to learn that starting tomorrow, March 5th, select Radio Shack locations across the country will begin offering Verizon Wireless handsets in addition to current mobile offerings. Rumors have been flying for the past few days but one of our ninjas managed to provide some rock solid evidence of the revived relationship. It has been over three years since Radio Shack last sold Big Red wares but it looks like the Shack just couldn’t stay away now that Verizon is indeed the nation’s largest network. Eight handsets in total will be hitting stores for the time being, BlackBerry Storm included. Hit the jump for exclusive Radio Shack promo materials covering each of them, along with one more screen shot of the billing system.

UPDATE: Added another inventory shot to the jump and clarified that VZW gear will be carried by select stores, not all stores — at least initially.