Close your eyes if you will, and imagine the awesome piece of kit that might have taken the 8 megapixel skater shot we showed you yesterday. Sleek, sexy, smooth lines. A big, bright VGA display perhaps – maybe even S60 5th Edition and a touchscreen. Gobs of internal memory with microSDHC support as well, and even blazing-fast 3.5G and Wi-Fi to send those giant image files anywhere they might need to go. How about a QWERTY keyboard hidden beneath a slide? Sure, let your mind run wild. Now open your eyes and behold the… Oh wait, never mind. This isn’t the handset Nokia fans around the world are waiting for. It’s just an entry-level candybar with a tiny screen and a 3.2 megapixel camera. At only 12 mm thick, the 5630 XpressMusic is sure to — Oh whatever. It was officially announced this past week and we’re hoping it’s stuffed into a corner at Nokia’s MWC booth this week to make room for some much, much more exciting announcements such as the unveiling of whatever snapped that picture on Friday. Please.