Just a few short days after we learned the release details for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic here in the US, Nokia dropped a little Valentine’s Day surprise on us all. As of today, the 5800 is available for pre-order on Nokia’s site and the price is indeed $399. But wait! Nokia also launched a Valentine’s Day promo to go along with it, giving buyers a 10% discount on any single item purchased or 15% off the total order when two or more items are purchased. In other words, the 5800 will run you $359.10 if you pre-order it today on its own. Throw in another handset or even an accessory such as a Bluetooth headset and you’re looking at $339.15 – not bad at all. Nokia is also offering free shipping on V-Day orders so if you’re thinking about forking over some cash for a Nokia handset in the near future, today is your day. Of course you’ll still have to wait until the handset is officially launched in the US before your 5800 will ship (on or around February 26th), but once it’s in stock you should receive a shipping notification the same day. Any takers?

Thanks, Rich!