This is unconfirmed as a whole at the moment, but we got a couple tips that AT&T sales employees were about to go on strike as “corporate is unwilling to budge on benefits and compensation.” We asked one of our ninjas about this and they said that it is definitely “possible” and there was a contingency in place. We’ll keep digging, but if you suddenly realize your Bold exploded in your hands and you need a new one, you’ll know why your local AT&T store is surrounded by picketers and protesters.

UPDATE: Yeah, this is for realz. Here’s an excerpt from the Communications Workers of America’s website: “Picket signs are being sent out to every CWA Local with Mobility members as the February 7th expiration date approaches. With little progress at the bargaining table, every Local must be ready to walk, if necessary, to get some RESPECT from AT&T Mobility.”