Apparently i-mate will be among the companies trying to make waves at next month’s Mobile World Congress and from the sound of things, we could be in for a surprise – or another big let down. Crediting a PR firm as its source, msmobiles revealed that i-mate is preparing to unveil and new handset at MWC and it looks to be putting all of its eggs in one basket.

At MWC 2009 i-mate will be unveiling its brand new product – one which sees them break new grounds with a revolutionary mobile device that’s like nothing else.

i-mate Hummer? While we hope it’s something a bit more interesting, we’re certainly not getting our hopes up. “Break new ground” and “revolutionary” are buzz terms that are tossed around with no discretion these days. Obvious speculation: Touchscreen, hi-rez display, Windows Mobile 6.5, tweaked UI based on i-mate Go and some bells and whistles to top it off. What do you guys think – does i-mate have a few tricks left up its sleeve or is this the last ditch effort of a battered company?

Thanks, Ivan!