Given the interest surrounding Google’s fledgling mobile OS, there’s a marked shortage of actual Android-based devices. At last count, there was exactly…1 Android phone on the American market, with scant few planned for upcoming release. This absence made us that much more excitd for rogue designer Ruslan Kogan’s promise to bring the Android-based Agora to market. Sadly, Google decided that some of the specs, most notably the promised screen resolution, weren’t going to mesh too well with Android’s demands and the original project was scrapped. Fortunately, Kogan appears to have renewed his pledge to bring the Agora to market, promising a redesign that will bring the phone in line with Google requirements for screen resolution and application compatibility. No word on whether he plans on retaining the original design, but we’re hoping he’s going to stick to his planned $200 price point for an unlocked specimen.