Steve Wozniak took the time out of his busy schedule to sit down with a Bay Area affiliate of NBC to discuss his take on the current situation over at Apple now that Steve Jobs won’t be gracing the hallways of 1 Infinite Loop until June. The discussion was in typical Woz style (though somewhat un-Woz in that he was mindful not to say anything bad about jobs) and provided a more rational look at Apple’s current and future situation than any analyst we’ve heard from to date. With Jobs gone until June, a lot of analysts and investors are panicking, fearing that Apple has automatically lost the innovation that it is famous for; an absurd notion to say the least. To this point Woz made sure to stress that with any tech company, products are in development for 12 to 18 months before they hit the street. Because of this, future products from Apple are “not going to be disturbed.” In fact, Woz made an excellent point that having Jobs away from Apple will allow him “rest and peacefulness”, something which could ultimately benefit Apple as it would give Jobs lots of time to think up “better concepts and products and ways the future could be…” Video after the jump.