Details on this are sketchy at best, but early reports seem to indicate that T-Mobile has begun offering its MyFaves service as a free add-on to existing non-MyFaves rate plans. Users far and wide have seem to be having little trouble getting the package added to existing accounts, but as of yet we haven’t heard a peep from T-Mobile. More than a couple of folks have been successful, however, leading us to believe that this is a an official offering from the big T. Free is always better, and the option to add MyFaves to the full gamut of T-Mobile plans is pretty appealing, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see T-mobile use this as a hook to try and suck in new subscribers. Whatever the case, we’re guessing that this offer won’t last for too long, so if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber in need of some unlimited calling love, we suggest you dial 611 from you mobile phone with a quickness.


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