If Play.com is to be believed – and often times it is – Nokia’s upcoming flagship N97 looks to be gearing up for a UK release on March 31st. Ringing up at a husky £479.99 (US $707) including shipping, the sexy touchscreen is now available for pre-order on the Play.com site and eager early adopters who can’t be bothered to wait for carrier subsidies will like leap at it quickly. State-side Symbian addicts will be happy to know that Nokia Product Managers have claimed, albeit unofficially, that the US variant will be available shortly after the Euro model. In other words, we should be looking at an early-April release barring delays. Woo hoo – something sexy for Nokia’s CTIA booth to show off. We’ve already shared our thoughts on the N97 so the only thing left to do is ask you: Who’s excited and prepared to break out the plastic come April, and who will definitely be issuing a pass?

[Via Symbian-Guru]