If the answer to the question posed in the headline is “yes” (which it certainly seems to be), the following question should be: “T-Mobile actually has business customers?” Oh, okay. According to an internal document released onto the interwebs, it looks like the big Pink is planning on freeing up a limited number of Curve 8900 devices on January 19th, a few solid weeks prior to its official February 11th drop date. The sad catch is that in order to get your grubby hands on one of the T-Mobz branded handsets, you’ll have to be an employee of a company that has a business account with the carrier. Still, early for some is better than late for all, but we’d obviously love to see a more even-handed distribution process, enabling the masses to show off their very own “smallest, slimmest, and lightest full-QWERTY blackberry available”. Anyone that’s game for setting up a shell corporation and going in on a group buy should form a line to the left.