We literally can’t tell you how exciting this is for us. For about a year and a half now, we have dreamed of a day when a new touchscreen handset could find its way to market without being called a possible “iPhone killer”. Seriously, does the inclusion of the word “iPhone” really help SEO that much? Well today is the dawn of a new era people, and this exciting movement of change is being spearheaded by a saucy Telstra executive. In a report from earlier this morning, said Telstra boss supposedly examined Palm’s upcoming Pre handset at CES and compared it to an Android-powered device from HTC that will be making its way to Telstra in Q2:

We have seen both and we believe that the new HTC phone will be a real competitor to the iPhone and the Pre which at this stage looks nice but is still not delivered to market.

Woo! Sure, he still mentioned the iPhone in that statement but could the Pre be the next must-kill handset? Could this be the start of an iPhone killer-free blogosphere? Yeah, it’s probably just wishful thinking but you can’t fault us for being hopeful. Whatever the case may be, we’re definitely looking forward to learning more about this upcoming HTC handset complete with an HTC-tweaked Android OS — a TouchFLO port perhaps?

[Via wmpoweruser]


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