There’s nothing to get your week going like the adrenaline that results from the revelation that a “couple” new Sidekicks are headed to T-Mobile sometime this year. According reputable electronics broker PCD, the world should see an unspecified number of new Sidekick handsets introduced before the end of 2009. Very little (read: nothing) in the way of details, but we hope, hope, hope that someone up at Danger/T-Mobile/Microsoft has organized a company-wide conference call to illuminate employees on the virtues of modern inventions such as “3G”, “Wi-Fi”, and “GPS”. Not to beat a dead horse, but the previous “couple” Sidekicks haven’t been much to write home about, with little in the way of innovation on the design and functionality front. That said, we don’t want to write the new boys off before they arrive so we’ll maintain as much of an open mind as we can. Sorry Danger Microsoft, but we just haven’t felt the same warm, fuzzy feeling from any of your new Sidekicks in quite some time…feel like surprising us? Mmmmkay, thanks.