With continued rumors of Apple looking to hit CES next year after its confirmed withdrawal from Macworld had dealt the long-standing Mac expo a massive body blow, things may have just gotten worse. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has just poured a huge bag of salt in IDG’s open wound by announcing that next year’s CES will have a dedicated area for companies showcasing Mac-related products. In an email sent to CNET News over the weekend, CEA’s Jason Oxman stated:

[CEA] dedicated a special area at the 2010 CES to Apple-related CE manufacturers… We decided to create this special area based on discussions we’ve had with companies regarding 2010 show participation. We are pleased with the feedback we’ve received regarding this space.

Given that CES is the much larger show and Macworld in 2010 will draw far less interest considering Apple’s lack of presence, expect plenty of companies to jump ship following this offer. We would also expect CEA to offer a healthy discount to first-time exhibitors coming over from Macworld. With IDG’s Expo already in jeopardy, CEA may have just tied it to a tree out back.