LG is full of surprises these days, even though we all knew this nifty little gadget was coming. When we first covered the LG wristwatch phone, it was all in good fun and humor. It turns out however, that LG’s Touch Watch Phone really is a cool little gadget. First off, it supports 3G, is Bluetooth capable, has a 1.4″ touch screen and it even sports a front-facing camera for video-conferencing. If you’re the type who doesn’t like admiring your own wrist for more than a few seconds, the Touch Watch Phone will also read text messages aloud – perfect while on the run or on the couch with your arm buried in a bag of potato chips. Pretty cool, right? We’re not sure if it supports speech-to-text, but we’ve got our fingers crossed since it will make entering data on Touch Watch Phone a breeze. No pricing or solid release date yet, but at least we all know it’s official now. Anyone going to pick one of these up and show it off?


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