Apple announced a new version of iWork ’09. Changes in Keynote ’09 include magic move, a feature that will automatically move and resize objects between slides, slick new transitions including text transitions, chart animations, and themes. Keynote will also communicate wirelessly with your Mac and allow you to view and control your presentation via your iPhone or iPod touch. Apple also announced changes to Pages, Apple’s word editing application. The latest version of Pages will include fullscreen view, dynamic outlines, and mail merge with Numbers which will connect your Page document with tables and lists in Numbers. Also, 40 themes for your creative pleasure. Numbers ’09 gets a refresh as well with new Table categories, 250 functions with a convenient function view, and advanced chart options (mixed chart types, multiple axis charts, trend lines, and error bars, etc.) Numbers ’09 also integrates with Pages ’09, charts or graphs pasted in Pages will link to the corresponding Numbers document and can be updated dynamically. Sweet! New templates for Numbers as well, the theme for the day it seems. i Work is available today and will set you back $79 for single user, $99 for the family pack, and $49 with a new Mac. If you don’t have Leopard, you can purchase the Mac Box Set which includes Leopard, iLife, and iWork for $169. If you prefer the cloud for your computing, Apple also announced the beta of Think Google Docs for Apple with online document sharing and collaboration. The Beta will be free but iWork will transition to a paid service when it launches. Available online today.