Vaja, a reputable case manufacturer known for high quality leather cases, has added an entry for the iPhone nano to its site. A round of rumors that started months ago and resurfaced recently when XSKN added iPhone nano cases to its site, several case manufacturers now have entries for the new shrunken Apple handset that doesn’t yet exist. A listing from XSKN is one thing but when a company like Vaja adds the iPhone nano to its site, you have to wonder if the handset’s release isn’t closer than we might think. iPhone fan blog iPhone Alley now states that an inside source is feeding them info pointing to an announcement at Macworld. While we’re skeptical at best with regards to this report – the blog states that its source reports the iPhone nano will “probably not include 3G” – a Macworld announcement is seeming more and more like a viable possibility. With the show only a week away at this point, at least we won’t have long to wait.

[Via iPhone Alley]