We love all the crazy companies in China that make a living by issuing copies of various electronics. Where else could a company get away with violating so many copyrights? The best part however, is when one of these copycats ends up releasing something pretty cool, like a handset with a month-long battery life or, in this case, a dual-OS HTC look alike. In the spirit of NokLa, HKC has just announced a new handset dubbed “Pearl” that offers both the Windows Mobile and Android operating systems. HKC seems to have a special place in its heart for dual-anything — its previous handsets include the dual-SIM W1000-Global Storm and the dual-network G1000 Global Wind (CDMA and GSM). The Pearl however, is definitely an interesting contribution to the smartphone world and while it will certainly stay within China, we wonder if dual-OS handsets will ever catch on elsewhere. With the open source trend going mobile, a company could even issue a dual-OS handset next year without having to pay big licensing fees. A handset running Android and Symbian? Throw some 850/1900 MHz WCDMA in there and we’ll take it.