Thanks to one of our ninjas, we’ve just got a hold of a brand-new-looking T-Mobile Dash photo. Except, it’s in black, and sports subtle design changes like a different color combination on the keyboard, and…. stuff. We’re waiting for confirmation on whether this is just a color refresh (wouldn’t make sense this late in the product cycle) or if this unit has 3G added to it (think HTC S630, just cooler). What we have so far, is Windows Mobile 6 (available as an update on the original Dash) and Wi-Fi (also available on Dash v1.0). We’re waiting for our guy to hit us back with more specs, but we didn’t want to hold out on you. We’ll update this when we ourselves have an update!

UPDATE: Well, it turns out this is simply a color refresh that should be trickling into T-Mobile stores. Repeat after us… FAIL.

Thanks, Dominic!