As is often the case, an upcoming rebate sheet for Big Blue has found its way out of hiding ahead of schedule and it comes bearing gifts. The sheet covers the period of December 26th through January 24th and reveals two new handsets that will likely find their way to store shelves sometime during that period. The first, and infinitely more exciting, is the LG Secret. Destined for success, the Secret is a sleek and ultra-thin slider packing a 5 megapixel shooter complete with flash, auto-focus, face detection and on board image editing software. ZN5 what? The latter is the Motorola Tundra, a rugged clam shell with pretty basic functionality and features – not nearly as exciting as the pack of Motorola handsets destined for Verizon over the coming year. No matter though, at least those of you who opted to pass on AT&T’s recent wave of handsets for the holidays will now have a good idea of what you can look forward to between now and the end of January.