It’s been almost a month since we first broke the scoop on the Treo Pro coming to Sprint next month but it looks like there’s finally confirmation. A leaked Sprint time line for January seals the deal and confirms that we’re looking at a January release for Palm’s most recent and least offensive handset. The Treo Pro will first become available via Brightpoint on Wednesday January 21, followed by a full release on Sunday January 25. As for pricing, don’t be scared off by the $549.99 listed on the document above as that is the unsubsidized price. No word yet on the subsidized pricing but expect it to be in the $200+ range out of the gate. Also of note on the leaked document are the coming of a pink Samsung Instinct and a purple Samsung rant on January 11, available through direct fulfillment only. So Sprinters, are we happy or still wanting more?