Well lookie here. Taking a page out of its own N95 book, Nokia appears to be mixing things up a bit by issuing some color refreshes for the E71. In comparing this to the N95, we mean users should get ready for things to get confusing. There’s no question the E71 is one of the sexiest and most desirable handsets to come out of Finland to date and as was the case with the uber-successful N95, Nokia looks to be going a bit overboard in terms of milking it for all it’s worth. In fact, our favorite Finns have gone above and beyond the call of duty this time. Two new color variants of the E71 made it into the wild recently at Nokia World and considering the E63 is basically an E71-lite (no HSDPA, no GPS, no volume keys / dedicated power button, 2 megapixel camera, plastic body, slightly modified keyboard), we’re now looking at no fewer than 12 different versions of the same phone:

  • Silver E71-1
  • Silver E71-2
  • Silver E71-3
  • Silver / Red E71 (unknown number of variants)
  • Black E71 (unknown number of variants)
  • Black E71x
  • Red E63-1
  • Red E63-2
  • Red E63-3
  • Blue E63-1
  • Blue E63-2
  • Blue E63-3

Did we miss anything? Hit the jump for a shot of the black E71.