Did you pretend to be sick to get out of school, con your friends into joining you for a day out of town, and decide to take your best friend’s father’s Ferarri 250 GT out for a joy ride? If you did, it might have been nice to have the iPhone’s new Njection Mobile app. According to the Njection site, the app will notify you of upcoming speed traps, red lights with cameras, and other speed detection devices. Here is a list of features for the app:

•    Speech notification of Speed Traps giving the type of trap and distance
•    Search for speed traps local to you or around the world
•    The only speed trap program that displays maps with full gesture support, just like the iPhone’s built in maps program.
•    Map is viewable in Landscape or Portrait
•    No screen lock so you can use it along as you want
•    Data can be added on each trap about when the area is monitored
•    Use of a native Microsoft Virtual Earth implementation to provide one of the best mapping experiences on the iPhone
•    The Active Intelligence Selection System (AISS) that alerts you to the most relevant speed trap based on your speed, direction of travel, and current time
•    Submit and verify speed traps directly from the iPhone
•    iPhone 3G strongly suggested for alert mode
•    Njection.com does not sell, rent or lease its customer lists to third parties unlike other speed trap programs. Read the Privacy Policy.

• Many more features still in the works.

It’s so nice to see a company out there that is indirectly condoning unsafe driving and 4-wheeled tomfoolery. Still, one has to wonder, if you get caught or cited for driving like the Little Old Lady from Pasadena, can you get a refund on the app? Our guess would be no. Drive safe, peoples. And remember not to check BGR while you’re driving. That’s bad.