Will Dan Hesse’s woes never cease? In a sudden move this past week, yet another member of Sprint’s top management decided he had enough and went running for the hills. John Garcia, the now-former head of Sprint’s CDMA business, abruptly parted ways with the carrier and left Keith Cowan, president of strategy and corporate development, to pick up the pieces in his place. Sprint has made no official statement on the matter, which leaves the press to fill in the cracks with speculation – never a good thing. Garcia’s departure is the latest in a continuing trend of turnover, both voluntary and involuntary, among Sprint’s top dogs. After posting a staggering $326 million loss this past quarter and internally announcing a voluntary separation program, the last thing Hesse needed was yet another higher-up heading for the hills. Hopefully Cowan will turn out to be a bit less of a flight risk and Hesse can go back to figuring out how to keep the remainder of his 50.5 million subscribers from jumping ship.

[Via mocoNews]