Ok, so the BlackBerry Storm might not be the perfect handset for every touchscreen fiend out there but that doesn’t mean Verizon customers should despair just yet. Just lookie here – the big sexy Samsung Omnia decided to strike a pose for the camera and your pals at BGR felt compelled to give you a peak. We knew Omnia training was scheduled to begin on November 15th but no one expected handsets to start hitting stores so soon afterward. At least we know it’s dropping sometime soon, and we also know there will be a $70 rebate attached to it. Release timing and final pricing however, are still a bit of a mystery for the time being. Sure it might not click as you type but Verizon’s Windows Mobile 6.1-powered Omnia is definitely going to turn some heads and open some pocket books. Hit the jump for more shots.

Thanks, krazyVZW!