One thing we can give the folks over at Nokia – they never cease to surprise us. In a very uncharacteristic and peculiar move, Nokia has begun shipping trials of the upcoming E63 even before the handset is formally announced. In fact, the devices being shipped aren’t even being delivered in retail packaging. We first learned of the E63 a few months ago and since then spy shots have emerged and it even popped up for a little preview at this year’s Symbian Smartphone Show. We already know the specs – it’s basically a dressed up E71 with a slightly modified keyboard (good luck with that space button). The reviewer does note however, that the case on the E63 is a bit thicker than the E71 and there are a handful of the new themes on the device as well. Nokia’s intentions with this handset are a bit unclear at this point; usually when it releases the same phone more than once with slight modifications, it keeps the same name – a la N95. All should be made clear soon enough. Hit the jump for two more shots.

[Via adonismobile]