2009… 2010… 2009… 2010… Despite the fact that the Windows 7 time line seems to bounce around more than a kid with ADD at Chuck E. Cheese, we’re relaying this news with the hope that Microsoft has finally pinned down a workable time frame. During a presentation at a recent Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft director Jim Howe gave word that Microsoft has targeted next year’s holiday season for the release of its highly anticipated new OS. This wasn’t just a comment in passing either – this was a definitive statement: “Definitely the holiday focus is going to be on 7.” Even still, we have to tread lightly as this is just one man’s word and not an official statement or release from the company. We’re optimistic however, as Microsoft is no doubt working overtime to put the shame of Vista behind it and patch up its slightly tarnished image. All we can do now is hope things in Redmond stay on track and nothing major pops up that would cause the release to be delayed, or as we like to say here at BGR, “RIMed”.