Score one more for team Nokia – sort of. Remember that $800 CompUSA price tag on the Bold that everyone laughed at? Well, it looks like the condition might be contagious. The good news for all you Nokia fans out there is that your favorite Finnish phone manufacturer managed to land another handset at a major US retailer. The bad news… It’s $800. It turns out the rumors were indeed true and Best Buy Mobile will indeed be carrying the new flagship Nseries. Even better is the fact that not only will there actually be a working demo out in some stores, but it appears as though the N96 setups are wide out in the open as opposed to tucked in a corner behind a sign somewhere as was the case with the N95 8GB in many locations. If you happen to have $800 burning a hole in your pocket and an uncontrollable craving for S60 FP2, 16 GB of internal memory, a 5 megapixel Zeiss camera, and Nokia’s now-famous sexy dual slide form factor – Best Buy has the cure for what ails you. Hit the jump for two pics of the floor demo.

[Thanks, Omie!]