What do you get when a rambunctious RAZR and a ROKR in heat are left along in the same room? You’re looking at it. The first taste of Motorola’s next generation RAZR has finally been caught in the wild and it should be making its way to a Sprint store near you sooner than some might have thought. Last week we saw the Motorola i9 RAZR pass through the FCC and now your old pal’s at BGR have managed to score a few action shots of the i9, well, making its way around some guy’s basement (damn, that’s a lot of drinks dude). In spite of the fact that this is yet another RAZR from Motorola, it actually looks pretty sweet. It was only a matter of time before ModeShift found its way to Moto’s skinny clam shell and now that it has, we kind of want to play with it. Soon people, soon. Hit the jump for two more shots.

Thanks, djSD!