Look, we don’t want to get into it this time. Apple seeded new firmware to developers, it doesn’t do any of the things we all want it to do, end of story. Well, almost end of story. Version 2.2 beta 2 of the iPhone firmware might not let you copy / paste, type an email in landscape mode, receive an image or video via MMS or receive push notifications for third party apps… But you can look around Google Maps in street view now! Woo hoo! How useful a feature – we’re so glad Cupertino is so focused on it as opposed to, say, implementing a system that will actually make third-party apps a tad useful. Kudos fellas. Giving iPhone users the ability to look around at buildings and trees from random points around the country is far more important than the rest of the features we’re waiting for. Well, at least there’s also walking and public transportation directions included in this version. Super, can’t wait.