We’ve got a bunch of tips on this so we’re going to run with it. Just a word of caution? We haven’t confirmed this ourselves yet, but we have ever reason to believe our ever-faithful tipsters. If they are correct, various Best Buy locations have already started receiving shipments of AT&T BlackBerry Bolds and they are allowed to start selling them tomorrow. We even heard demo models are out on the floor at some stores. Now for pricing… We’re told the Bolds are going for $349 with a 2-year agreement at Best Buy (?) and that the full retail pricing is $679.99. Some stores will only sell them at no-commitment pricing it seems. If you’re in the tri-state area, chances are you’re feeling some pretty heavy winds, but that’s not going to hold you back from setting up shop at your local Best Buy and braving it out until the morning is it?

Thanks, to everyone who hit us up!