According to a post from All About Symbian who was blogging live, UIQ was declared dead by Sony Ericsson’s Patrick Olson at the Symbian Smartphone show in London on Tuesday. The blog post reads:

UIQ declared dead by Sony Ericsson’s Patrick Olson. Or rather it didn’t make it. Another oxbow lake in the mobile industry story. Sad. @ 11:26 – Tuesday 21st October

Is the nail in the proverbial nail in the coffin for UIQ? Only time will tell but we have to admit that it does not bode very well for the platform when one of the two largest manufacturers of UIQ-powered handsets makes an exit stage right. With Sony Ericsson turning its back on UIQ, presumably to focus on the S60 platform, will Motorola be able to sustain the UIQ platform by themselves? If what Motorola had to offer at the Symbian Smartphone forum (read: nothing!) is any indication, then we can say bye, bye to UIQ. Ironically Motorola and UIQ were sponsors of the Symbian Smartphone show which is turning into a funeral dirge for UIQ instead of a rocking party.

[via All About Symbian and Moto Smartphones]