Ahh, the PSP-3000. The gorgeous bright display we’ve been lusting over is now out in wild and just waiting to show you games and movies with stunning and vivid clarity. Right? Umm, not so much it would seem. Early adopters are reporting horrible interlacing issues during both game play and video playback. As seen pretty clearly in the image above, movement is basically death to the PSP-3000 display. Jagged edges, scan lines and insane pixelation spoil the honeymoon pretty quickly and are resulting in some pretty pissed gamers. Apparently disabling the Wide Color Space option helps to some extent but it doesn’t eliminate the issue completely. The worst part? Sony has reportedly confirmed the issue, claimed it is in fact not an issue at all and stated that it will not be addressed in any software updates as it is a hardware matter. Mmm. PSP-4000 anyone?