So what exactly is this exciting new technology being billed by Sansa as “really really big” and “the revolution of music”? Oh, crap, it’s just slotMusic, aka the Ringles of 2008. Truth be told, we’ve got tons of respect for Sansa / Sandisk. Any company that can manage to convince major labels to sign on to a ridiculous new physical distribution model like this has some serious cojones. Or perhaps labels are just so terrified by all of the advancements currently taking place with internet-based music distribution that they would’ve jumped on board with anything that didn’t involve the internet. Anyway, if you’re excited about getting your hands on a microSD card with an album on it, you may also be excited about the fact that Sansa is now offering a dedicated slotMusic Player. We’re not joking. It’s $20 and it looks like someone sat on a can of soda and stuck a pair of headphones in one end. Super. We hear the next big thing in music distribution is going to be digital suppositories. Or has that one already been tried?