Nokia may have dropped BlackBerry Connect support on its devices, essentially removing them from consideration amongst a pretty large number of enterprise customers in North America and elsewhere, but a new update from CommonTime may have some businesses thinking Nokia all over again. Businesses that have chosen Lotus Notes as their email, calendar and collaboration solution can now examine S60 as an option thanks to mSuite5. The mobile software suite from CommonTime provides a feature-rich Lotus Notes solution with one simple install. Push email, calendar, contacts and tasks are all supported – in fact, mSuite5 goes much further than BBConnect ever did by supporting a much wider range of functionality. For example, mSuite5 supports Lotus Notes SameTime enhanced chat solution where as BBConnect completely omitted BlackBerry Messenger. mSuite5 also supports the Lotus Notes Meetings function allowing users to view coworkers’ free time and schedule meetings accordingly. Users can also send meeting invitations right from the handset and accept invitations as well. You know, all the things any enterprise device should be able to do out of the box. Lotus Notes admins, get your hands on a free trial of CommonTime’s mSuite5 solution for S60 by hitting the read link below.

[Via AAS]