If you were looking for a rugged, ugly alternative to Nokia’s internet tablets or the flood of netbooks hitting the market, Motorola has just the device for you. The VC6096 has integrated 3G and 802.11a/b/g WiFi capabilities so you can keep up with BGR while you’re at your local Starbucks or out doing something, erm, rugged. It isn’t half bad: The VC6096 (they really need to come up with a name for this thing – like FGLY or something) has a full QWERTY keyboard, microphone and speakers, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity. And of course, it runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro – the biggest thing that would set it apart from other portable internet devices like netbooks which carry full versions of Windows OS. Slap on 128MB of RAM, 256MB flash, a 624Mhz processor and it rises just above the “Ehh” factor. We really can’t think of any practical use for this thing that another, more appropriate device couldn’t do. But maybe we’re in the minority on this…

[Via NaviGadget]