Well, there goes BlackJack III… We just got a hot tip from one of our readers and it clearly shows what we all knew as the Samsung i780 dressed up in AT&T branding as the AT&T Epix. There’s also been some physical tweaks to make the device more polished. Specs? There’s the awesome optical joystick which doubles as the select button for the 5-way d-pad, Windows Mobile Professional 6.1, UMTS/HSDPA, and GPS. We weren’t briefed on the other specs, but you can be sure there’s a camera (with VideoShare likely) and Bluetooth. We were also told to look for it to launch around the same time-frame as the AT&T Fuze for probably around $199 after MIR. Samsung, you’re doing alright, but you’ve got to learn how make QWERTY keyboards, ok?