Some of our Verizon readers felt a little jilted when we mentioned the mini-army of Samsungs headed for AT&T. Well here’s one coming for VZW, the Sway, but not nearly as cool as other Samsungs. 2 megapixel camera, possibly no EV-DO, somewhat of an LG Shine rip-off; maybe the person in charge of releasing this two years ago fell asleep at the desk. At $120 with a contract and $240 without there are definitely better phones on Verizon’s list. The other device coming for Verizon is the Motorola Rapture, or VU30. This also includes a 2MP camera with a touch-sensitive external display, GPS, and EVDO. How appropriate would the name be if this were to be the end of the struggling Motorola? If you absolutely must have it however, it’s $180 with contract and $300 without. Hmm, it seems VZW hopped onto the boring train with these devices – what gives? Watch out for these on October 6 because they might slip under your nose.