Apparently unaffected by the economy, HTC is predicting it will sell 13 to 15 million phones before 2008 is over. The majority of these phones are Windows Mobile devices, clearly a favorite of many business users and those who want alternatives to other handsets. Interestingly enough, they are expecting to sell only 200,000 Google/Android phones this year via T-Mobile. At 2% of their production rate, that is an extremely conservative number, especially given the hype of the G1 and how quickly pre-order stock ran out for that particular device. The bulk of these sales are to hit the U.S. and Western Europe with only 2 million devices landing in the Asia-Pacific region. However, if Conexus Mobile Alliance, a huge conglomerate of 10 Asian telecom companies (including NTT DoCoMo) hooks up with HTC, these numbers could sky-rocket. With all the popularity of the iPhone and Blackberry these days, it seems HTC is just confidently brushing its shoulders off.

Thanks, Harley C!