So it turns out that our suspicions were most likely correct, and the recently leaked image of what was reported to be the new MacBook Pro are probably nothing more than an amateur photoshop stab. According to ZDNet, the next generation MacBook Pro won’t sport the rounded edges depicted in the “leaked shot”, with Apple instead opting to retain the more angular lines of the current generation system. ZDNet is also claiming that the new MBP will be almost 1/2″ narrower than the current models, could sport all glossy screens, and will probably shift towards the separated black keyboard currently found on the MacBook Air. The site also claims that the new computers will have the rumored built-in glass trackpad with full multi-touch capabilities, and could possibly sport a new split touchpad with dual buttons, helping those that frequently utilize virtualization software. Finally, word on the street is that Apple will be doing away with dedicated Firewire 400 ports, opting instead for a new backwards-compatible Firewire 800 jack, as well as a doing away with the current 28-pin DVI port in favor of the mini-DVI jacks currently found on all MacBooks. Rampant speculation or truthful rumor mongering? Time will tell, folks.