You might have seen us lust after this device in the past, if so, know that we got our hands on it and you didn’t. Just kidding, guys! Sort of. This phone is the true definition of a beast. It’s packed to the brim with more features than you can count, and it oozes futuristic sexiness. There’s only one problem for us uncivilized Americans… there’s no U.S. 3G. Mayjah fail. We’re about to start tearing it apart for our review, but here’s a couple of our first impressions… The screen is absolutely gorgeous, we LOVE the optical joystick, sound quality is probably as good or better than the N95 8GB, and well, who can hate on S60 FP2? What we’re not feeling is the fact that some S60 applications do not work (most of Nokia’s and Qik… get your act together!), the phone when slid open is a little uncomfortable to use sometimes, and as much as Samsung tried, their custom home screen and theme is absolutely horrendous. Hit the gallery for all the shots you can handle!

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