For those of you that have been waiting to pick up a spanking new Playstation 3, this Sunday might be your day of reckoning. Thanks to a leaked Blockbuster pricing sheet, we’ve discovered that the recently discontinued Playstation 3 40GB version has dropped by $40, bringing the total to $359.99. It’s not a massive drop, but it might be enough to push anyone that was teetering on the verge of purchase over the edge. Keep in mind that this is a discontinued model, so supplies are likely to be limited. As such, you might want to check with your local store to make sure they still have ’em in stock. Oh, and if the PS3 40GB bundle with an included HDMI cable, copy of Spiderman: The Movie, and Transformers: The Game, sounds like bit more appealing, you’ll be happy to learn that this too will be the recipient of a $40 drop. Excited yet?