You definitely have to take this one at face value, but there’s an internal document floating around inside AT&T pitting the iPhone 3G against the upcoming BlackBerry Storm. We had our doubts about this document at first, but we received it from two independent sources now, so it’s legit! Here’s some of the smack-talking AT&T lays down:

  • The Storm doesn’t have multi-touch
  • There’s no Wi-Fi
  • The Storm doesn’t have an App Store
  • Stormy Storm doesn’t have tri-band HSDPA
  • The browser sucks on the Storm
  • No iTunes action (movies, music, etc.)

Yeah yeah, we know you can sync your BlackBerry with DRM-free music in iTunes so don’t get your panties in a bunch over that line. We think legitimate points so far, but the browser hasn’t been tested and tri-band HSDPA doesn’t matter if you’re not using the device on AT&T in the United States. Peanut gallery, you’re up!

Thanks, AT&T ninjas!