Gah! What on earth is this? Not happy with the original success, or major lack thereof, of the original Armani phone, Samsung and the apparently gaudy designers are at it again with the “Night Effect.” The name may seem appropriate as it probably looks better “last night than it did this morning,” if you know what we mean. The phone is a quad-band EDGE/3G unit with a 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, FM Radio, blue wrap around light (to match the ground effects lights on your car) and rockin’ a measly 120MB of internal storage with the capacity for more via microSD card. Pretty run-of-the-mill if you ask us but it will show up in Europe this November with South East Asia and the Middle East to follow shortly. Still, if you must get one to match your BMW, gold chains, and silk sports coat, there’s always the unlocked phone market.