Never one to turn down a Vertu, we’ve just came across Vertu’s latest handset in all its FCC glory. For starters, it has 850MHz/2100MHz 3G support, Wi-Fi, and probably the craziest futuristic design we’ve ever seen. Many Vertu lovers across the globe loved their original Signatures but they were quick to be completely outdated in terms of technology, thus they were “forced” to switch to the Constellation (small and smooth) or the Ascent Ti (huge and feature-packed). Well, no more Vertu friends, no more. In addition to the aforementioned specs, you’ve also got an OLED screen to look forward to, a slide-out SIM card tray, and the love-it-or-hate-it Vertu Concierge (read: use American Express Centurion Concierge instead). When you’re done drooling over it, go lift up that plastic couch cover your grandma uses, scrape those pennies together, and run, not walk, to your local Nokia or Torneau. We’ll see you there.

[Via FCC and Engadget]