The results of the recent J.D. Power and Associates wireless industry survey are in, and things could look a bit…better for AT&T. The carrier came in dead last in 4 out of 6 regional categories, and never rose above a 3-out-of-5 rating in any one race. Worse still, the survey includes results culled between February and June, which means that none of the recent iPhone 3G woes have been factored in. Verizon came in first, (as we’ve pointed out) followed by Alltel, with Sprint and U.S. Cellular coming in a tied 3rd and T-Mobile securing a 4th place finish. Beyond AT&T’s abysmal performance, this clearly indicates that, at least when it comes to call quality, CDMA still reigns supreme. Perhaps this should serve as a wake-up call to the GSM giants to shore up their networks and provide a real increase in call quality and coverage. How’s that sound?