If you didn’t see this coming, it might be time for a new pair of glasses. We know, we know – you’re as sick of reading about Chrome as we are. At the same time, the fact that Google is preparing to inject its own proprietary web browser into its mobile OS is pretty big news. Chromedroid? A quote from Sergey Brin, the Googliest of all Googlers:

Probably a subsequent version of Android is going to pick up a lot of the Chrome stack… My guess is we’ll have ‘Chrome-like’ or something similar

Short and sweet, but huge all the same. Google OS + Google browser = means web apps built on Google’s App Engine will be mobilized from the get-go. Imagine SaaS apps that work just as well on your desktop as they do on your mobile. Tasty indeed. While the initial release version of Android coming shortly to T-Mobile by way of the HTC Dream is not expected to ship with Chrome, it looks like early adopters already have a major update to look forward to.