Recently at the NVISION2008 conference, ViewSonic unveiled a 22 inch 120Hz monitor targeted at gaming and digital entertainment. The prototype monitor promises blur-free performance and a 3D viewing experience for games, motion video, and computer animation. It boasts a 1680×1050 resolution (whaaa? No 1080p?, 3ms gray-to-gray response time, 300 nits of high brightness and a 1000:1 contrast ratio.  According to the press release, “When coupled with NVIDIA’s GeForce Stereoscopic 3D technology, the ViewSonic 120Hz display provides game enthusiasts with realistic depth, intense motion, rich graphics and detailed images that literally leap off the screen. ” So BGR readers, weigh in. Is this revolutionary or is it just hype? We doubt you could beat our 55″ Sony XBR8 in terms of gaming… Oh wait, we weren’t supposed to say we had one.